REBOOT: How to Future-proof Yourself

23 Jan 2018 | Culture, Wellness | London, UK

Do you need a life coach?

A personal trainer and weekly visit to the therapist won’t cut it any more. Meet the new life gurus who will nurture your self-help obsession and bring out the best possible version of you.

As part of Hearst’s Reboot series, ELLE will be in conversation with three life coaches who can help get 2018 off to a flying start, whether it’s your career or your gut that needs a little TLC.

Join ELLE on 23rd January for tips from gut expert and founder of THE HAPPY TUMMY CO., Karen O’Donoghue, integrated fertility specialist Emma Cannon whose services include acupuncture, diagnosis and nutritional support, and Lady Lilac, a tarot reader for 30 years who advises on anything from career moves to your next date.

2018, we’re ready for you! See you there.

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