REBOOT: How to Make a Mint in Wellness

29 Jan 2018 | Culture, Fitness, Wellness | London, UK

Join us for an evening of inspirational business tips, branding advice and everything you need to know about using social media to gain not just followers, but a following in the wellness industry.

We’ll be in conversation with the women who’ve built health empires from scratch: Lily Simpson, founder of health-food delivery and café chain Detox Kitchen; Dr Hazel Wallace, AKA the Food Medic; and Rhian Stephenson, CEO of boutique indoor cycling phenomenon Psycle London.

You’ll also get to sample a new 55-minute-long Psycle Barre class. A twist on the traditional barre method, it’s all about moving to the beat, using weighted balls and bands to strengthen, lengthen and tone.

A chance to boost your finances and fitness? Sounds like two resolutions ticked off in one!

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